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Going on vacation when the weather gets colder?


Did you know that your insurance company may require that you have low temperature sensors installed in your home?


Water damage from burst pipes cost insurance companies millions of dollars in claims every year due to freezing.  Low temperature sensors strategically placed in the home can detect when the temperature falls dangerously low, before the pipes freeze and burst.  The monitoring station can notify your property reference to investigate the cause, such as the pilot light in your furnace going out, or the circuit breaker to the furnace shut off or tripped.


Hunt Security Systems strongly urges that you review your insurance policy before you go on an extended vacation.  You may be surprised to find that you may have to hire a "house sitter" or have a monitored alarm system with temperature sensing equipment installed and monitored.  Some insurance companies even classify an absence of more than 72 hours as an "unoccupied" residence and may make your insurance null and void should a problem occur.


For more information on water and low temperature sensors that can be added on to your security system, please call 1-888-248-4868.