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Did you know?


Smoke detectors, whether connected to a fire alarm or just the simple 120vac units that come with your house need to be replaced every ten years?


There are two reasons for this:


Smoke detectors get dirty. Plain and simple they gather dust, (dead) flying insects and spiders, cigarette smoke and other air born debris.  This accumulation of material can clog the sampling area or sensor portion of the detector. This of course means that either the smoke detector will not work, or at the very least be slow to detect particles of combustion.


Ionization smoke detectors rely on a small amount of americium (a radioactive material) which is much like a battery. It eventually gets weak and at some point (ten years) it has been determined that the americium no longer has high enough levels to do its job in the smoke detector.

For the most part, ionization smoke detectors have been replaced by the photo-electric smoke detector because they respond best to slow smoldering fires. (Where there is smoke, there's fire) These types of fires are the ones that kill more people than any other type of fire. It's usually the smoke that kills, not the fire.


Whether you have a monitored smoke detector connected to your security system, a battery operated smoke alarm or even the 120V wired in home smoke alarm, please have them changed every ten years. It's a matter of life and death!