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Thinking of changing your Alarm Service Company?  We can help!  To learn more! Join the hundreds of people who were tired of paying too much money to the national, multi-national and dealership companies!


Thinking of changing your Alarm Service Company?


You have already given it some serious thought, otherwise you would not be reading this page.  Whatever the reason, whether it be poor service, high rental or monitoring rates, unjustified increases, false alarms etc. you should look closely at all of your options. 

Before you make the decision, please review your current contract.  How much notice are you required to give?  Do you actually own the equipment?  Make a note of the brand and/or model of the alarm system and ask one of the alarm companies that you are considering if they can use the existing equipment.  (see our article on proprietary equipment).  Of course, if you have made up your mind to change, a "worse case scenario" would be to replace the system.


Next look at some of the incentives that other alarm companies are offering.  Be careful with this one!  One of our competitors requires you to sign up for two years at $25.00 per month invoiced quarterly with one month "free" every quarter for the first year.  Supposedly a $100.00 saving.  Hunt Security Systems regular residential rate is $20.00 per month.  Over the course of two years, that is a $120.00 saving! Three years that works out to a $180.00 saving over our competitor!  Some of our competitors require you to pay an "Activation Fee".  We really don't understand that one.  Hunt Security Systems does not charge any activation or transfer fee what so ever.  Your first service call to reprogram the system and check it all out is absolutely FREE.  Of course, if we have to replace something such as a battery, you will be charged for parts.


Did you know that a difference of only $5 per month is the same as getting three months free monitoring for your residential alarm system each and every year? If you are paying more than $20 per month for basic residential monitoring, you are paying too much!


"A higher monthly fee does not mean better quality services!"



Our referral program is simple, straight forward and competitive!  If you refer someone to Hunt Security Systems, you will receive a cheque for $50.00 as a thank-you, so go have a nice dinner on us! Whatever your decision, make sure you will receive the same level of service and support that Hunt Security Systems is prepared to offer you.  True 24 hour service and support are our hallmarks that have gained us the reputation of being the most technically advanced and  best alarm service company between the 49th and 51st parallel.


*If you have a favourite charity or church organisation we will donate the $50 in your name


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