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Most security systems use batteries to provide power or power back up for various devices and the control panel. Regardless of the type of system or the device, your keypad will notify you if one of your batteries is having a problem. A battery trouble signal occurs whenever your system recognizes a problem with a battery, usually this happens because a battery is running low.

Each system has different battery requirements and different ways of alerting the user that a system battery is having a problem. Upon receiving a battery trouble signal you need to determine whether a device (such as a motion detector or door contact) or the control panel battery is causing the signal. Please consult your user manual in order to determine which device is indicating a low battery. Some devices use standards such as AA or a 9-volt battery, while newer systems may use lithium batteries. These batteries are available through your local electronics store.


Control panel backup batteries and device batteries may be purchased from Hunt Security Systems. If you are having trouble with your battery and you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 604-504-5336 or toll free at 1888-248-4868 or emailing Send e-mail. Below are the procedures on how to change the panel batteries on various systems:


Changing Panel Backup Batteries


Typically, the main panel battery should be changed every 3 years, but in no case should it remain in service for more that 5 years.


Hunt Security Systems recommends a complete service check by a qualified technician when the battery requires replacement. We will even recycle your old battery for you at no charge.


Hard Wired Systems Backup Batteries
(Including the DSC 1550, 1555, 4010, 4020, 5010, the Ademco Vista 15, 20, 40, 50,128, 250)


  • Locate the main control panel, usually by the electrical panel.
  • Open the cover.
  • Remove the leads from the old battery.
  • Remove old battery and replace with new battery.
  • Attach the red lead to the positive terminal (+ or red) of battery, attach black lead to the negative terminal (- or black) of the battery.
  • Close cover.
  • You may have to arm and disarm your system or even wait awhile for the new battery to come up to full charge to clear the trouble.  Be patient!
Take your old battery to the nearest recycling centre. Please do not dispose in your household trash!